Maintain the Integrity of your Data

October 5, 2016 no comments

It is vital to maintain the integrity of data. A solid Micro data center will provide flexibility along with top-notch security. Include the following items in this center to maintain the integrity of data:

  • a superior networking hub
  • the ability to connect IT with industrial networks
  • the added reliability
  • added security
  • linkage between devices
  • secure systems
  • protection from the environment
  • optimized to speed diagnostics
  • the ability to actually isolate the networks in the event of a threat

It is so important to keep integrity included within data management. Maintaining this integrity is within your reach with a Micro data center.

The Amazing Characteristics of the Micro Data Center
There are so many companies in the process of centralizing network responsibility. This is being done for each computer network. The Micro data center does have numerous amazing characteristics. Include the following combinations of hardware:

  • cabling and software that will serve as an end-to-computer
  • it will house a complete data center infrastructure in one single space
  • patch fields
  • electronic devices
  • grounding/bonding power
  • cable management
  • copper/fiber cabling

They are sized to even serve the demands of the manufacturing environment.

The Next Phase and a New Concept
The Micro data center can actually be viewed as a rather new concept. It even represents the next phase. This phase consists of the transition from tower computer systems. This is within a manufacturing environment toward rack and cabinet-based deployments. This has the ability to actually serve a large variety of enterprise purposes. This center can even act as a stand-alone system. It can run the following manufacturing applications:

  • event and process monitoring and overall equipment efficiency
  • it can control network, recipe download and outer loop control

ERP integration including scheduling reporting, material consumption and more. A MDC has the ability to take the form of a networking hub.

A Robust Design
The Micro data center does include a robust design. The core elements include the following:

  • network cabling
  • power and grounding
  • equipment layout
  • excellent housing with racks and cabinets

The design has a central difference. This is between a rack and a cabinet protection. A cabinet will offer a much better level of security along with environmental protection. The cabinet has four doors along with a locking door mechanism. The rack leaves an open environment which will allow for a greater cooling.

The Benefit of Secure Networks
The Micro data center provides the benefit of secure networks. This offers long-term benefits. The ability to maintain integrated and secure networks is highly valuable. This bridges the gap between industrial networks and corporate networks. The flexibility is provided with the option to disconnect the network links. This would be in the case of a problem.

Efficiency and Economical Too
The Micro data center includes a high-level of efficiency while being economical too. This center may save much on your annual energy costs. The design is economical and ensures the following:

  • simplistic expansion
  • future flexibility
  • the reduction in time and cost of the implementation
  • the optimization of space efficiency
  • an added physical security and protection